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Reiki is the practice of laying on of hands to promote relaxation and stress reduction, allowing your body to absorb life-giving spiritual energy to aid or bring about physical, mental and emotional healing. Almost everyone finds a Reiki treatment to be an incredibly rewarding and relaxing experience, and will quickly begin to feel many kinds of improvement to their overall health and well-being. Your Reiki practitioner has been specially trained in and attuned to the Spiritual Life Force Energy that exists in and around all of the universe, including ourselves.

Reiki Benefits

Which Conditions Are Known To Respond Well To Reiki?

There are many conditions which have been shown to improve with Reiki treatment, and it is particularly beneficial in helping to improve the results of other types of medical treatment. In addition, it can often assist in promoting recovery and reducing negative side-effects of regular medical treatments and medications.

To give some examples, Reiki has been shown to:

Boost the immune system

Release toxins

Relax the body

Encourage good circulation

Improve digestion

Calm the mind and emotions

Be useful when preparing for exams or stressful events

Improve memory and cognitive function for patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Help to bring a person’s whole being back into harmony and balance.

Conditions that have benefited from Reiki include:

Muscular aches and sprains


Back & neck pain

Digestive problems – IBS

Post operative trauma

Tension and stress


Headaches and migraines

Chronic fatigue


Arthritis and Sciatica

Anxiety and phobias

Women’s health issues

Menstrual pains and PMS


Cognitive problems such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia



Infants’ & children’s health issues

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